About Us

What we are

Students and Employment Testing Service (PVT) LTD was established in 2019, we have set ourselves up in a humble office in Al-Syed Tower where you can find us on the fourth floor. Starting with a small team but backed up by a modern and well-thought-out system, we aim to provide a rigorous assessment service to our clients.

Whether you aim to admit a fresh batch of students to your institution, or just wish to go on a hiring spree for an office expansion, it is our aim at SETS to ensure that all your vacancies are filled with the most eligible candidates we can find.

Our Core Team

We consist of individuals belonging to vastly varying fields and backgrounds. Our core team works on the company’s policy and ensures that there’s transparency and efficiency in our system. No one’s a fan of complicated procedures, we prefer to keep everything simple. And our entire core team is dedicated to ensuring that we minimize human interaction as much as possible.

Members of our core team focus on ensuring that the entire selection process is as transparent as possible while maintaining complete secrecy from even our own staff members. We work on policies and tackle issues as soon as they appear and ensure that our clients are content and satisfied with our services.